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David Griffiths

The animBtn free applet button displays three different hyper-linked animations: one when the mouse is not over it, one when the mouse is over it and one when the mouse is depressed. It can be used as a hyperlink to other documents and supports frames.
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java applet parameters

<applet code="animBtn.class"
align=right border=10
<param name="images" value="click.jpg">
<param name="step1" value="1">
<param name="step2" value="6">
<param name="step3" value="6">
<param name="url" value="clicked.html">
<param name="target" value="display">

To use the animBtn free java applet, I

java applet parameter values

fps (Default 10)
This sets the number of frames per second. Obviously this speed sets a maximum value. The number of frames produced will depend upon the Java machine.
target (Default _top)
This is the target frame that the link wil be put in. By default the value is "_top", which means that if you do not give a value for this parameter, it will will place the new page in the top-level browser window.
step1, step2, step3 (Default 1 in each case)
These values set the number of frames in each of the three animations. Step1 is when the mouse is not over the button, step2 when it is and step3 when the mouse is clicked. The frames of all the animations are stored in a single GIF or JPG image given by...
images (Default "anim.jpg")
This is the image file that stores all of the frame in a line, left to right. The image used for the button on this page is
sound (Default N/A)
If this is specified then the .au sound file will be played when the button is clicked.

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